SkyMagik Internet Services


NOTICE OF PRICE INCREASE: To keep up with inflation and increased service costs, SkyMagik Internet Services has raised prices for new customers starting 2024. Existing customers will stay at previous rates for now, but could be increased at next billing cycle after notice.

Budget web hosting: $20/mo (discounted to $15/mo with an annual invoice of $180/yr)

Standard web hosting: $25/mo (discounted to $20/mo with an annual invoice of $240/yr)

Advanced web hosting: $50/mo (discounted to $40/mo with an annual invoice of $480/yr)

Domain registration is an additional $20/year (per domain billed on the same invoice).

We also offer domain registration for non-hosting customers at the price listed above. While we can accomodate customers who wish to handle their own domain registration, we recommend that we handle the registration for maximum reliability.

All hosting rates include setup, hosting, shell access, encrypted SFTP/scp file transfers. Optional web-based email is available. Special arrangements and custom configurations can be accomodated.

All billing is personalized with paper invoices. This is old fashioned personal service with no complicated online billing systems to get in the way. You can't find that anywhere in the hosting market these days.